Expand your experience of the yoga practice through playful movement, deep introspection + ancient study.

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Established 2022 by Nicole Wild

How we approach Yoga Education

The Collective School of Yoga curriculums are created with a thorough dedication to sharing the many paths within the yoga practice: movement, meditation, breathwork, philosophy, self-study + so much more.

We honor the practice’s ancient roots + wisdom, and seek to apply its knowledge within the context of the modern world. The yoga practice wants for you to feel more free -- free to move well in your body, free in your heart + mind, free in the way you connect with others + with the world. We hold this at the heart of our training material: how can you feel a little bit more free?

As with anything vibrantly alive, our course material is constantly expanding to meet the world we live in + the humans practicing yoga now. We are always gaining new information and integrating it into our curriculums.

Everything we create is through the lens of our 3 I’s: is it intelligent, intentional + intuitive? Our curriculums are simultaneously logical, heart-felt + meant to guide you into a deeper conversation with your own individual + unique inner-wisdom and intuition.

More about TCSY

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Yoga Teacher

Step into the beginning of your yoga teaching journey to become certified to teach, or join to deepen your own personal practice with our foundational 200-hour yoga teacher training program.

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Yoga Teacher

For those already certified to teach yoga, our 300-hr. modules will take your practice + your teaching to its next up-level with deeper knowledge around The Practices, The Methods, The Body, The Studies, The Industry + The Thread that weaves it all together.

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continuing education

Any of our online or in-person modules can be taken individually as continuing education credit if you are not seeking a full 200 or 300-hr. certification with us.

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workshops + Immersions

A succinct way to meet training material — join Nicole for an upcoming workshop or immersion series that can be utilized as Continuing Education credits or simply for your own practice. Workshops and Immersions are for everybody - wether you are interested in becoming a teacher or not!

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200-hour ytt

200-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings are the greatest starting point for anyone interested in teaching yoga, or for those looking to deepen your own practice.

Our trainings include an in-depth curriculum with a hands-on approach to learning. We include hands-on anatomy lessons, creative sequencing labs, daily 2-hour practices + so much more.

Our trainings include a hybrid online + in-person format.


300-hour ytt

We are finalizing our 300-hour advanced Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum, and hope to train with you soon. These trainings will require that you have attended a 200-hr. YTT previously (with TCSY or through another school of yoga).

We will dive deeper into cueing, sequencing, holding the space, anatomy, personal practice, self-study, philosophy + more. The 300-hours will be broken into several modules, with a mixture of online + in-person content.

Continuing Education + workshops

We offer a variety of workshops, master classes, and continuing education courses in-person + online. These are meant for any practitioner or teacher looking to learn more about the yoga practice.

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We are a collection of heart-centered brands built by Nicole Wild. The Kula is our online yoga membership site + in-person yoga retreats. The Collective School of Yoga is focused on yoga education through trainings, workshops + immersions. Collected is our shop that sells brand merch + products built for yoga practice + education.

Asana Decks

A deck of cards for learning the names of 90 yoga postures, or Asanas, in both Sanskrit + English.

This deck was designed and made to be an educational resource for those interested in learning more about yoga, but beautiful enough to have as a coffee table deck or on a bookshelf alongside your favorite tarot deck or book stack. We can't wait to see how you utilize our Asana Deck!

Looking for a Yoga Retreat?

Retreats are a lovely mix of yoga, adventure, travel, connection, rest + play. We often include (optional) outdoor adventure, such as hiking in the mountains or surf lessons. We hire local chefs + guides to give us a full experience of the area we are in. We practice yoga daily, and often incorporate various workshops. There is always a bit of free time for you to explore, rest, get a massage or connect with others in the group. Retreats are for anyone + everyone, and do not provide certification.

Our KULA Retreats