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"I wholeheartedly believe that the best teachers remain  students, and that we all have something deeply valuable to learn from each other. The word 'student' and the word 'teacher' are just labels that have whatever meaning you give them. We can meet people who pull us deeper into ourselves + our experience of the world while sitting in a coffee shop, sitting in a lecture room or talking to a stranger on the street. I urge everyone to let themselves be touched by the world, and to be surprised about who your teachers might be."

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I'm Nicole. Yoga first touched my life sometime around 2012 when I was finishing up high school. I was drawn to the way the practice emphasized health on physical, mental and energetic levels. I still carry this with me today: that what you do for your physical body will have its impacts on you mentally and energetically. And the energetic components of the practice will also live in our physical tissues. I am absolutely infatuated with studying humanness. I am in awe of living. I want to live a life that is as thorough and textured as possible, and I think these are all explorations that live inside of the yoga practice.

I became certified to teach during college from the school of Embodied Flow with Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons. I then went on to complete their 500-hr. training, as well as Scott's 200-hour Somatic Movement Therapy Training. This was the beginning of my itch to learn as much as I could absorb and within various schools of study. I have studied anatomy in cadaver labs, I've studied meditation with Buddhist teachers, breathwork in various settings, philosophy and history with teachers like Marcy Goldstein and Janet Stone, continuing education/movement-related trainings with various teachers like Patrick Beach + Carling Harps (Awakening Yoga Academy) and Dylan Werner. I am endlessly inspired by other teachers and will continue to seek further trainings even as I facilitate.

I was born + raised in Bozeman, Montana but have spent the past many years traveling + facilitating across the globe. I currently home-base out of Seattle, Washington and teach within a really beautiful yoga community here. If you're ever in the area, pop by Commune Yoga and take a class from myself + the lovely crew of teachers that facilitate here! I got my Bachelors degree in Fine Arts Film + Photography, and had my own wedding photography business for years while teaching yoga on the side. I launched The Kula (our online studio platform - be sure to check it out if you haven't yet!) in 2021 and that was the start of my journey to facilitating yoga full-time. I now offer online classes and in-person retreats, workshops and trainings worldwide and am growing my team to make all of these offerings run smoothly and efficiently.

Be sure to follow along on Instagram and YouTube at @nicolewildcollective, and reach out if you have any other questions about me! You can also visit my personal site for more information
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